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: DS3 SERIES:Sanitary Diaphragm Seal - Union Nut or Male ThreadeD

over view :

> Sanitary union nut diaphragm seal or male
> Standard DIN 11851, SMS 1145.. etc
> Wide range hygienic process application
> Double laser welding SS316L diaphragm
> Sterilization and Cleaning in place
> Non-toxic diaphragm filling
> Process temp. -10?..+130?C depend on filling
> Accessories capillary, cooling tower.. etc :
> Pressure range -1..0, 0..1 up to 40 bar
> Conn. size DIN DN25..DN80, SMS 1?"..2"
> Wetted parts SS316 standard
Sanitary Diaphragm Seal 
- Union Nut or Male ThreadeD : DS3 SERIE
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